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Purchase In-Store, Ship to Store, And Factory Direct Purchasing

What Are the Differences between Factory Direct, Ship to Store, and Purchase In-Store?

Bicycle companies are now offering more options when it comes to getting your new bike, and we're often asked how these options effect you, the rider, and us, your trusted bike shop. We'll break these options down so you can make the decision that is right for you.

Purchase In-Store

This is the traditional and most common way to purchase your bike. It involves going into your local shop, getting advice from a trained professional, picking out your bike, picking out the basic size, test riding, performing a Basic Bike Fit, then taking your new, professionally and fully assembled bike home. When you purchase your bike directly from us we provide a 30 Day/30 Ride checkup and take care of any adjustments in the first year of ownership. We also give these bikes priority when brought in for service. All of these services are included in the price of the bike. For most riders or future riders, this is the best method of purchase to insure that you get the equipment you need and to make sure any questions that you may have are answered.

Ship to Store

Ship to Store, or Buy Online Pick up in Store (BOPIS), is a great option for riders who know exactly what bike they are looking for or if they are wanting a bike that's available online but isn't in stock at the shop. While these bikes are technically purchased direct from the manufacturer, the store is credited with the sale and you will receive a professionally and fully assembled bike (although the manufacturer will usually charge a shipping fee). In some cases you might miss out on the test ride, professional advice, and basic sizing, but everything else you would normally get with an In-Store purchase still applies. 

Factory Direct

This option allows the rider to purchase their new bike directly from the manufacturer and have it sent their home or workplace. This is a good option for a rider who is very knowledgeable about bicycles, knows exactly the model and size they need, has the correct tools, and is comfortable handling the assembly and set up of their new bike. There are a few caveats though - Since these bikes never pass through the authorized dealer, there is no additional service included in the price of the bike. Any work performed by the shop (even if they are an authorized dealer for the brand) will be performed at standard shop rates. That includes assembly, adjustments, sizing, and suspension setup. We are happy to perform any of these services on a factory direct purchased bike, but unfortunately we cannot provide them free of charge.

We hope this information is helpful, and please feel free to contact us with any questions!